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A Grumpy Fish

Like a grumpy fish
Fanning my fins slowly
Going nowhere in my tank
Nose pressed against glass
In water that never swirls
Except to stir the gravel
Suck out my wasted life
Are you happy now?
My watery cage is clean
Why don’t you set me free?
You with your disgusting
Bulging blue eyes and shiny teeth
Stop looking at me
Annoying taps on my wall
Of my artificial world
Is it night now?
Watched under a neon light
While you rest and smile
I want to bite you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2011
About this poem:
Really hating aquariums written from a fish's perspective I suppose

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Comments (10)

I think you have captured the fish perspective
extremely well Yankee4.grin cool angel thumbs up cheers
A nice twist on things. Makes me happy I'm not a fish!
Hi Yankee,

A great poem...either frivolous or metaphorical but nicely done. cheers
Hi, Yankee4you,
Trapped In water that never swirls..."metaphorical", indeed! Brought back images from "Finding Nemo", too. Enjoyed the read.
Oh no! And this is why I can never own another fishsad flower ....I must resist the cries of a 6 year oldfrustrated
May be that can also reflect on people.Loved the last linewine
mcradloffonline today!
I put a couple of crawdads in my tank once, they were always trying to crawl out, one did to his death, the other I set free in the creek about two miles from my apartment, now I have green algae that won't leave, it doesn't want to be set free. I feel the same way about all the animals in a zoo, it's jail to them, especially the chimps, they are smart enough to know they are completely screwed!frustrated snowed in elephant groundhog reindeer chicken
A Grumpy Fish frustrated
I will never think of a gold fish the same ever again poor things in a tingy little bowl swimming endlessly around and around looking... out of its glass bowl life..
Dont we all sometimes feel like that gold fish endlessly swimming around in our own goldfish bowls..SOOH desperate to bite someone :))wow angel hug
I love it. Sometimes I feel the exact same way in this aquarium called life.handshake
Reminds me a bit of the Monty Python skit, where all the fish are saying "'morning" to each
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