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After The Love is Gone

I've cried enough
Been hurting myself , for you
Got Broken and only God knows
What my feelings show
But if you would only knew
The times i drove all night cryin' for you
Lisnin' to the songs we used to dance to
All for nothing ,, I can't find you no more

Wish you were here
In times of sadness
Where everything is not clear
Am I dying for nothing
Or will you come back to me
So many questions
Only you is the key

Who would hold my hand after you
I want no one to touch ,what is for you
We belong togather
Only you choosed the easy way
You choosed to be lonely

I Cant hate you , Cant get over you
I loved you more Than I should
And I wont forget you
I'll always have a part of you
Your breathe , your kiss
And how you used to smile at me
I miss your gelousy
I miss Everything
And its gonna be along way for me :(
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2011

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Nice ... comfort
thumbs up
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