New year! New year!

New year new year, what will it bring? After the christmas cheer, we are all expecting! Would it be promotion, an increase in pay? I hope your resolution, does find its way. Hey, is it marriage, that's on your mind? For me an engagement, would be just fine. I've heard the resolution, to finally quit smoke! This and similiar notions, like kicking the dope! Some want political change, a new look ad ministation. Though it seems strange, it includes the vatican! Babies are big dreams, for many childless couples. Then the numerous teams, hoping to turn tables. Spiritually many want devotion; last year's plan failed. By making new resolutions, they will try again! This year would be: big, winnings in gamble! Some proclaim they "see"! referring to the lotto! Some will be laughing, all the way-to-the bank! Santa came gift giving; is you merchants thank!
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Posted: Dec 2011
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Hi, byfaith,
New year new year, what will it bring? To that question, we don't know the answer. That's what makes life so exciting. Happy New Year!
You sure know how to hit the wish list! Enjoyed.head banger
thanks gnj4u, happy new year to you!
Ah yes what will this New Year bring byfaith, I hope a bit more peace around our world, plus a wish for a good year for you too.teddybear
thanks sunday silence, and happy happy new year!teddybear
hi redex dear, how are you? thanks for your sentments! happy new years to you and the best in 2012!bouquet
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