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I cannot see what you see
Nor do I wish to.

I cannot hear what you hear
Nor do I wish to.

I cannot touch what you touch
Nor do I wish to.

I cannot feel what you feel
Nor do I wish to.

What I do wish
Let me fade away to oblivion.

What I do wish
Let me escape your punishment.

What I do wish
Let me walk away untouched.

What I do wish
Let me free.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2012
About this poem:
A "whatever" poem

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Comments (12)

wow Wow!! That was amazing!! Beautiful write, Thank you for sharing!
Thanks! Appreciate it!bouquet
Whatever it might it.Happy new year dear.bouquet wow bouquet
bouquet Happy New Year J!
Hi, amahlala,
Enough conveys both frustration and anger from a relationship gone bad. Though one may not always get to walk away untouched; fortunately, when one has had Enough, one does not need another's permission to walk away. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks G! It's hard to understand when to say no more and when to just go away.bouquet
Hi Amahlala wave
Well written! and to the point..thumbs up
Thank for sharing,
Wishing you good year ahead.. hug wine
Thanks LadyMorgana! Best wishes in 2012 for you!bouquet
dunno Point them out and we can add another line will be I cannot feel your pain like you do. So take this boxing

Nice write. Simply said. Enough.bouquet
Thanks Happy! Really, don't want to cause pain but inflicting a little hurt would be nice!laugh bouquet
Enough is right, I totally understand.cheering
Thanks S! Appreciate it!bouquet
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