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The Genious is My Finger

My skull is very small and the world is very large
Both are so fragile and so very hard to comprehend
Physical things filtered like washing sand in the surf
Counting the number of clicks it takes to pretend
To get what I need to know, not always what I understand
Is inventing what is right and proving what is wrong
Not waiting for anything like truth to come along?
Something is very sterile about the World Wide Web
Because it doesn’t smell like bacon or taste like bread?
Weeding out some unexpected truth from being told
Just move my finger…click….move it again…click
I don't need a mind that thinks I just need my finger
Now look at me and see how I’ve become an expert, too
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2012
About this poem:
Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all unfiltered information just streaming into my head....I need that quiet time to be thoughtless as simply just watching rain dropping into a puddle....

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Comments (3)

Hi Yankee,

This is all too true mate. Once you went to a library and read books. Now we have the Net. It offers so much potential but the truth is it doesn't smell like bacon and eggs or old encyclopedias for that matter...but this is progress. A thought provoking poem. cheers
I completely's hard to remember how unconnected books used to be....we had to go and get them and then bring them back...and the only ones who really pulled other ideas together and sifted through an filtered out thoughts were experts on things and the slightest touch we all have that ability and it's just scary in a way when so many people believe they are right about so many things....
my symphaties with you yankee4you. perhaps it is not even a symphaty but simply acknowledging the truth. you have strung a very relevant observation and I have been feeling the same lately. My mind is in the overdrive sifting and filtering all that is available for us. What a change in our lives really. Before we have to go and cut or buy the flowers and write and choose and read and look at the card before we can actually mail them for the recipient. Now, wow, a click and it is there. I don't feel the same way, though. I am from old school or choose to be and I love my man to surprise me with flowers physically coming from his hand. Romance is dying you think? I mean not the idea but the act itself. maybe again I am wrong.

Thanks much.,.
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