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My Red Rose

I watched you ..while you're picking up
The Red Rose I put , into your car glass
I watched you ,wondering and looking around
I watched you from far away
While My eyes drowns again into my tears ..
I watched you smelling my rose ..
Oh I felt you breathing too ..
Wanted to hold you so ..

Im sorry , Dont you go
Dont forget that what we had
Was everything i dream for
Im sorry , forgive me
My past was the reason you let go
What Can I do more ?
How Can I live after you !
It's not easy to close your door
Knowing that you own the greatest heart of all

You May Keep my rose
Untill you know
Who really loved you so
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2012
About this poem:
True Story

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Comments (6)

This poem really touches me because I know that feeling of desperation and lost hope...when last chances were never enough and I really feel a lot of empathy for how you must have felt inside to the very core of your thank you for being so sensitive and honest...sad flower
Hello Swan wave
Such a touching write..very heartfelt.. hug
Thank you for sharing with May 2012 be happy & blessed for you.
Hi, Swan87,
I watched you smelling my rose .. While this image should paint a picture of great joy, in this context, it evokes much sadness at the loss.
Oh break my heart with this touching piece crying '' I send you all the love and friendship I can muster,and I hope he pricked his finger on a thorn wink innocent
teddybear bouquet
Your heart is a red rose darlin.' Love never wilts..angel kiss teddybear
Oh My Lord blushing Big Hug To all of you hug

I wrote this poem and left it for few days , i come back to see the most beautiful and touching comments from you all my sweetest friends ..
I love your support and i know that lots of you been through even more than what i've been through ..

Love you all and kisses

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