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I Forgive Myself

We Met on The same day
Same Resturant
I was with somebody
And you're with someone else !
Seams like Everybody
Moved on !

But there's this small part of me
That Cried in the same night
While Im falling a sleep
Kept it All Inside
That part still misses you
Still wish you were here
And with every tear
I'm dropping you, out of me ..

And I Forgive Myself
For Loving you , so bad
I Forgive the times , places
And Everywhere we met
I Forgive the walls
For Keeping our secret inside the room
I Forgive Myself , I Forgive You ..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2012

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Comments (9)

Very nice poem, but truly forgive yourself is to get rid of all anger, bitterness and bad feeling maybe in our heart toward someone. Forgive yourself is to have a peaceful heart, no regrets just living for the present.
Forgiveness is an action word. Something one does not what one says. This is such a sad picture your poem painted when I read it. I truely want you to forgive and move on.
"That part still misses you
Still wish you were here"

It is funny how we miss things that really hold no value to us. I had a friend who here recently went and had a large mole moved off the side of her nose. I knew it had been bothering her eye sight for a long time so I mentioned to her I bet she felt much better. She looked at me and said she had it on her face for so long that she had become accustomed to it and actually missed it the first week it was not there and just now is becoming use to it. So my friend you deserve the best in life. Don't look back look forward swan
Hi, Swan87,
Loving requires no forgiveness. And with every tear I'm dropping you, out of me .. is sheer poetry in motion. Leaving slowly, drop-by-drop, the pain remains for so very long. Letting go requires not only much strength but also much time. Thank you for sharing.
I agree with you Happygolucky4u because the title of the poem should be 'regrets'. Clearly the author shows feelings of sorrow. Words or no words God sees what's in our heart, and that is how we will be judged.
Love is like the perfect day sometimes followed by a terrible storm, only to reveal what's hidden behind the words, under the clouds where the cute smiles hides like sunshine, in that tender place where you cannot or ever want to escape.
Maybe I'm wrong, but as I read this beautiful tribute - I'm reading it as a love that never actually happened?
I see it as a poem that's written about a woman that sees what her heart yearns for, and maybe measured with an equal part of what 'his' heart yearns for, but the complications of both being with someone else at the time of their mutual awareness prevents them from experiencing what they both crave with one another.
If I've misunderstood the message... forgive me, but in the way that I've interpreted your beautiful poem... it's even more beautiful to me!!! thumbs up
I'm with Swade on that.It doesn't actually mention infidelity only hints.Vague enough to leave us wondering if it only happened in her mind,perhaps exchanged glances with no words spoken but their eyes connected too many times and lingered just a fraction long enough for both to convey,"What if?"Yes,it is beautiful indeed.God bless
Forgot to mention.My poem Forgiveness deals with just that "Forgiveness".
Thank you all for such lovely comments blushing
Love u all

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