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Is she the one ?
Cuz you Seam so happy
And That's All I wanted to See
Even though ,she's not me
It's so funny , how life can be
You Can hear me luaghin'
But it's just a scream
And As im watching you
Kissing her so deep ...

This is Unreal
It's just a bad Dream
Cuz All I remember Now
Is You Loving me
So Unreal
Im Crying With no tears
My Heart is Out of Bleed
I woke up now to see
You're not Here
With Me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2012

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Comments (2)

wave Hi swan glad to see you around and you look so well too pic is lovely and your stamp on the poem.
My Sweeeet Friend Redex ! It's really good to see you too hun.
You look great yourself ,im happy to see your comment too

keep in touch

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