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One Thousand Tribes

One thousand tribes wander across the world
Not knowing any boundaries or flags unfurled
What about the gangs in uniform wearing brass
Our tribes could care less what’s up their a**
Freedom really is what freedom wants to be
So living our lives is truly up to you and me
Is any man in the pulpit or any man with a pen
Ever going to make you any freer my friend?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2012
About this poem:
This whole notion of nationalism is bullshit.....let 'all' the free people of the world evolve!

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"Freedom really is what freedom wants to be
So living our lives is truly up to you and me"

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You've certainly thrown some 'food for thought' out there with this contribution!! Let FREEDOM ring!!!!

Wonderful Yankee4you, freedom comes from within first and then to let others live free to do as they want peace
I think that people think there is someone out there who has the answer they are looking for when it is really right inside themselves. The whole motivation spiritual movement makes their money off of people who are unsure of themselves. I remember going to Joel Osteen's church in St. Louis. He mentioned Jesus only two times, but I did get to eat cheesy fries and drink Mt. Dew in church, that part was pretty cool!peace professor rolling on the floor laughing popcorn beer
applause bravo
The funny thing sometimes is that truth is so difficult to decipher for those who have always been robbed off their freedom. The very lack of knowledge of what freedom is, simply because they were born without it in the first place, can't make any answer to the last two lines any more meaningful than what we can imagine. (North Korea for one, North Vietnam, Cambodia)the people on these countries, they are not in any way familiar or has any knowledge whatsoever of being free. What can we say then? Would any amount of any writing or preaching make them freer? Now with regards to having lost freedom because you had it in the first place like Germany under Hitler..Now this question's answer is big YES. It was the very exposure of the multitudes of abuse and mutilation and disregard to man's inherent need for freedom, that yes, we need to stand united and write and preach to free those that need to be freed...This is a very delicate statement on the last two lines but I believe yes they do...or all our writings would have served no purpose..Thank you for this intriguing write...
Yankee4youonline today!
The political boundaries we draw seldom if ever satify everyone and least of all those yearning for complete freedom. When I think of the brutality of adolescence maturation into foreign affairs it is little wonder that our world is still ruled by bullies. Peace of my mind.
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