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First Blades of Grass Turning Green

Finding those first blades of grass turning green
Cheering spring sun strong on southern slopes
Little streams filled of snowmelt runs so clean
Bring feelings we have that govern our hopes

Long before the first swelling buds open
On my face feeling warmth of a fresh breeze
When the color of a blue sky deepen
With a promise this season guarentees

Walk with me down past those tattered cattails
Coming apart like old cushion pillows
Tossing out the last decaying hay bales
Where the smoke from an old grass fire billows

When an end of old winter scene does make
Clumps of dead grass clog the combs on my rake
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2012
About this poem:
Reflective moments of early spring captured in a sonnet about a Vermont pasture...

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Comments (19)

the grasses are a great sign of spring good write
Thanks for capturing changing seasons...looking forward to spring and all the lovely things it bringsthumbs up grin dancing
Profile Deleted
Thanks Yankee for this beautiful capture of nature and its season change.
Yet another wonderful poem yankee....I love it when you write about nature!!!!grin
Now there is another lovely poem for me to read this morning.thumbs up
Hi Yankee,

A nice sonnet on the change of seasons. cheers
Nature can inspire us so much in many ways and more so when the season is just beginning to change. What a lovely write yankee4you. Thanks
A lovely spring sonnet Yankee4you
Spring is my Favourite season of all. handshake
Almost forgotten what it was like to read your style of writing my friend,a perfect reminder,love it..poignantcheers
First Blades of Grass Turning Green
by: Yankee4you
A wonderful sonnet Yankee of nature and its beauty you have such a beautiful insite into nature I adore your nature poems
a lovely write dear poet,,,
a pleasure to read you... hugss hug gift angel
Thanks Grace

Spring is that time for renewel including humanity and looking around there's much old thatch out rake out and make way for something newer and greener...and happier.
Thanks Lucy

I have so much nature around here to talk about too
Thanks McDuff....
Thanks Maxeen The world is filled with many remarkable sights and sounds and smells and few more powerful than during the advance of powerful is the force of life overtaking death symbolized by the grass...wonder what Whitman would say? cool
Windy, I so entirely agree
Hey Poet1

Glad to see you around again...
Red.... Reading the many wonderful writers on here gives my morning some great perspective, too angel
Mae and Cherry

I am so looking forward to the full advance of spring in these cold climes. Our winter in New England was mild this season. I almost think the snowman will be added to the endangered species list soon...haha.
Hi yankee

Your sonneteering grows more accomplished by the day. Great theme and descriptive narrative, enjoyed the read.

Bill wine
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