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You to me are everything baby

You’re my drug, you’re my vitamin
You’re my pill, you’re my medicine

You healed all the pain I had
Stayed with me when I was sad

Now I want to tell you, baby
Please listen carefully….

For me… you are ...

You’re my blood, you’re my insulin
You’re my vein, you’re my intestine

You’re my lung, you’re my kidney
You’re my heart, you’re my artery

You to me are everything baby

For me… you are...

You’re my skull, you’re my mandible
You’re my bone, you’re my clavicle

You’re my renal, you’re my ribs
You’re my limbs, you’re my hips

You to me are everything baby

You’re my breath, you’re my oxygen
You’re the best in a million men

You make me high you’re my ecstasy
You make me write novels and all love poetry

You’re the cutest
You’re the funniest
You’re the sweetest
You’re the best of the best

You to me are everything baby
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2012
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Comments (7)

mcradloffonline today!
You know your human anatomy, what is renal? Very clever poem, well done!teddybear bunny
laugh He's a lot to you then conversing
Very nice write hun, has lots of body in it.
thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Lots of body in it! Now THAT'S CLEVER Ladybee!!! ;-)

S&S - being as I know you work in the medical profession, I need not ask how or why you know these terms, but rather..... 'Why couldn't it have been written to me?" wink Great to see you back in such good form!!! hug
Ohhh:-....sounds like you are pregnant SAS...and deeply in loving..

Love your extended metaphor here. Seems like all organs have been donated in this exposition of love. Nicely done! wine
You to Me sounds like our old friend Jim's words'' Baby ,light my firrrre''.Remains only to open my legs..sorry my Doors.You kinky You Dear..stay tunned...i 've many appointments.
(": Thank you everyone again and again for taking time to read my poem :")

For Mcradloff: mm… I think everyone knows human anatomy …. -_-‘’ or I’m wrong? confused -_-‘’ -- renal is kidney. … : ) Thank you Mikey :”x rose in teeth

For LadyBee: heehe yep, purple heart he’s my all : ) I will be --> incomplete without him. ;-) big thanks :”Xteddybear

For Swade: ^_^ I think they are normal vocab?? Don’t you use those vocabs in daily life? Btw, thank you for reading :”x hug

For Ondos: lol Nooooooooooo not yet… not yet… I am not ready to be a mommy… lol laugh Thanks for your comment. :”x rose

For Macduff: Thank you ^__^ soo sooo soo much. @^_^@ Big Thanks:”X flirty Er…you don’t need to comment on my every poems ok, I’m shy… blushing lol just come read it, it’s ok. : ) I’m appreciated. blushing Sometimes I don’t know how or what to reply to the comments… I’m a shy girlblushing :x But I love it when I see the 'Views" increase so I know someone read my poems.. ^__^ flower

For SimpleMe32: Though I don’t really understand your comment but thank you for reading! At least you take some of your time to read my poem, I’m appreciated. smile heehee
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