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Reasons why I love you

You’re not a hero, but you are my super hero!
You’re not a music, but I love the way you rock n’ roll!

You’re not a movie, but you are my favorite flick
You’re not a medicine, but you can cure my lovesick

You’re not sadist, but you have the gentlest kiss
You’re not an angel, but you’re such a bliss

You’re not a gay, but you turn my gloomy world into gay
You’re not always with me, but you’ll never leave me what come may

You’re not a star, but I think of you when I count the stars
You may not come from Venus, but you’re a man from Mars

You’re not a joker, but you can make me laugh till I cry
You’re not Peter Pan, but with you I could fly

You’re soooo busy, but you can always find me time
You’re not poetry, but you are my sweetest rhyme

You’re not a poet, but you’re my love poem
You may be a butterfly, but you have only me in your harem

You’re not the sun, but you’ve burned my sadness
You’re not the sea, but you’ve splashed away my loneliness

You’re not the moon, but you’ve brightened up my life
You’re not my husband now, but soon I’m gonna be your loving wife

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Posted: Apr 2012
About this poem:
You, Me --- We are ladyboy ^_^ … Why?
I am your (only) lady and you are my (only) boy! ^_*

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Nice ,cute and yummy ! devil
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