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^_^ Happy Birthday Bill, Fellsman!!! ^_^

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Posted: Apr 2012
About this poem:
^_^ An early birthday wish from me.. ^_^ I will be in upcountry tomorrow so I think I should post this today even if it's one day early... Happy Birthday Bill... ^_^ Hope you have such a wonderful birthday (April 17) ... I love you. ^_________^

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party danceline dance dancing happy birthday laugh
Hi Sas,

Lovely sentiment. I'm amazed you can remember birthdays. A really nice poem and great presentation. I hope he appreciates. wine
Happy Birthday Mr. Fellsman!!!teddybear Jib you did a wonderful job with this birthday card.
Hi Jib

Oh my word - yet another birthday has come around... Even the very thought of that makes me feel 45 instead of only 35 years old roll eyes sigh

I am most grateful to you for taking the time to design this very artistic sonnet/acrostic birthday card... VERY MANY thanks...

Bill rose rose rose
Happy birthday Fellsman Bill.

I must say, you don't look a day older, than, you feel.
All the best to you.
Happy Birthday Bill!! :-D happy birthday happy birthday party party party hat party hat balloons balloons cake cake danceline choir happy birthday balloons
Jib, you're a DOLL!! What a nice birthday gift!! And to put Bill's Face on Superman's profile photo is THE BEST!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU AMAZE ME YOUNG LADY!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL from all your fans in O'Brien, Oregon!!!!
Macduff baby, don’t you want to say HBD to Mr. Fellsman huh? >_< if you won’t say HBD I won’t TALK to you.scold ->_<- I’ll KISS u instead! lips LOL Say HBD!!! My ORDER!!! lollaugh

^_^ Lucy, ^_^ Tell me your BD I will make a card 4 u too^_^ I will put your face in Marilyn Monroe’s pic! hmmm

Mr. Fellsman, eXXxxxcuse me? 35?wow -_-‘’ I’m afraid you might have confused between the number of your ‘age’ and your ‘waist’, Sir???? 35????? giggle lol If you were 35, I would be 15.. lol laugh

Mr. Ondos, you said Mr. Fellsman doesn’t look a-day older?? ? Oooh—you meant you think he looks a-10-day older???? awwwww--- how rude! lol ( I think I have to do something with my English but I really understand like this when I first read your comment!!! lol ) rolling on the floor laughing
Awww---bouquet ROS you are so lovely! ^_^ awww--- I see you give TWO CAKES for Mr.Fellsman it’s sooooo lovely! love Homemade cakes eh? :’) yum!

^_^ In my country, we will add/put the number of candles as many as our age… In this case, Mr. Fellsman is being 40, so you’ve to add/put 40 candles on the cakes! wink lol

I understand why you give two cakes for Mr. Fellsman… daydream cus one cake is not enough (for adding/putting 20 candles/each) …hmmm lol ooops joy

Mr. Swade, I’m not a DOLL! I’m a BARBIE! lol flirty

I've just realised that you have managed to superimpose MY face onto the Superman image - it's all that hair that threw mw and I didn't recognise myself:

I just have to add one word now


Thank you once again...

Bill hug wine
LOL laugh You’re funny Bill, you didn’t recognize your face when the other people did!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing How old are you now my dear Billy?doh hahaha

I can’t believe you thought I’ve put the REAL Superman image on this poem… haha However you’re SUPERMAN!!! (for me) ^_^ heheee funny guy! giggle and hey Happy Birthday))))

I had never figured that if I bought myself an ELVIS wig, I could end up looking like Superman...

Now, shouldn't I be off out somewhere saving the planet? grin

Bill hug
Hi Jib,

I didn't say happy birthday to Bill because by your reference it wasn't till So on threat from Sas..."Happy Birthday, Bill!!!

happy birthday happy birthday And did manage to superimpose his face onto Superman. I have so much to learn about pics and graphics.
Happy Birthday, Fellsman!

javascript:emot('happy birthday')
Dear Bill... You have a good one... Do NOT do anything I wouldn't do...just because you have come of age.applause cheering hug teddybear cheers wine bouquet heart beating purple heart peace lips

************HAPPY Birthday**********
My sincere thank you to everyone who has kindly left a a message of good wishes on this thread, I will get round to mailing each of you privately before the day (UK time) is through.

Thanks once again...

Bill wine wine wine wine wine
^_^ It’s Okay Billy, you don’t recognize your (own) face.. haha but I hope you recognize your FRIENDS! ^_* Awwwww ( I think Swade is the cutest! his pose is soooo cute!!! haha


Embedded image from another site
^_^ Heehee you have lovely sexy friends Mr.Fellsman!!!

Embedded image from another site
There's one unsettling aspect to those two pics SAS, all those guys seem to be worryingly fixated with the contents of their boxer shorts... moping conversing help

Weird, if you ask me... wink wink

Bill uh oh roll eyes
Bill, please put that pic on here of you when you had jet black hair posing in your shorts when you were in the RAF.applause cheering banana rolling on the floor laughing
Weird but cute isn’t it? I think it’s sooo cute!blushing unless they take the boxer shorts off!!! that would be extremely scary!!!cats meow lol The guys in the pic (your sexy friends) will go haunt you in your dreams tonight, Bill! grin lol

I kind of want to see the pic that Odette’s mentioned!!! grin heheee Bill in boxer shorts!! awww royal air force guy huh? wow wowww ---
I never realised how handsome the boy's on poet's corner were... Till you posted this pic Jib. !!!!WOW!!! Ondos looks a cool dude in the develish hat too. yay laugh rolling on the floor laughing
yeahh rolling on the floor laughing and they are all SINGLE!!! rolling on the floor laughing pick one you like!!!! lol rolling on the floor laughing

oh- you like Ondos hat huh? I still like Swade most!! grin His pose really got me!!! dancing
Jibrolling on the floor laughing the look on cafes face!
Lucy, Behave!!! scold

giggle laugh rolling on the floor laughing
You wouldn't want to see us turn around! These boxer shorts are all bottomless! It's the new hospital gowns for men going in for Colonoscopies. Bill... it's not that we're fixated with what's in the boxers, it's our attempt to keep them from falling off in front of Jib when she shot the photo!
Thank goodness those shorts didn't fall down... I would hate to be a judge to present a rosette for best in show.laugh rolling on the floor laughing applause dancing
FAB Birthday sonnet/acrostic Thesunandthesea fantastic work wine you are so creative with graphics.
And wishing Fellsman a wonderful Happy Birthday. happy birthday
And the guys from our poets corner look.... conversing thumbs up wink
CONGRATULATIONS ( 21 )TODAY.." BILL" - (Fellsman) ---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before……
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

hug hugs Livy
gift teddybear hug
happy B~Day fellsman, you have enterd this world in a lighting bolt and lit the sky brightly in your own way. hope to read your poetry for maney more a day.
I'm most grateful for all the gracious comments - many thanks to everyone for your humour and kindness.

Bill wine wine wine wine
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL>>>>HAVE A GREAT DAY.happy birthday violin party balloons danceline
Maybe MacDuff can share some cake with you ..... cool sheep sheep reindeer party hat party hat
Hope you had a GREAT birthday,Bill!! :)

I meant to get back here earlier and was going to say- if those boxer shorts had fallen off, the winner would have to stand at stud here on the ranch! wink rolling on the floor laughing Thank goodness they stayed on. :)
Ohhhh YES ReaderOfSouls...Bill had a fab birthday... I made sure he did. applause cheering laugh rolling on the floor laughing dancing cool wine cheers banana head banger
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