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Spring Pastures

Last cow into the barn is called "Skinny"
Chewing tufts of green grass near the fence post
A whole herd mooing bovine hootenanny
Waiting a turn for the milking parlor

Lush spring meadows growing moist new grasses
Yellow meadowlarks found hovering high
Something special about them blue irises
Growing down by gurgling brook nearby

All around apple blossoms in a buzz
The honey bees come to and fro the hive
What a sight to see what all nature does
Even when those barn swallows take a dive

Spring is a wonderful and active place
When all of nature is a state of grace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2012
About this poem:
Sharing some sights and sounds of rural New England farmlife

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Comments (5)

Chris I just couldn't let this awesome Sonnet get buried without some notice!! It's an AWESOME Sonnet in tribute to my favorite time of the year!!! EXCELLENT contribution Sir!! thumbs up
Such a lovely Spring sonnet Yankee.Nice picture you painted with words.thumbs up bouquet teddybear
Nice country and spring picture Yankee4u bouquet
Enjoyed your spring sonnet Yankee, as always you paint with words so well.
Thanks for yay
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