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~Idled Thought~ Poem

~Idled Thought~

Articulate thought stretched from within, soul's been sold out in mindful un-truth savin ur a** once more again, red river dries less fruitful it lay, wisdom finite as is there hook an line to nibble or bite strength is in spine, momentary prime filled with gray lines of the such when an the such time, encumbet on the when to be now, fixated thought it's there it's somehow, browse awhile to be sure an reach down to the pure thought, what you pass in the middle make it dealt with idle thought~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 7, 2009

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Comments (6)

  • jazzy75
    jazzy75 Oct 2009 Houston, Texas USA
    Bentlee - awesome poem and message! love it!!!cheers
  • spiritwalkerHidden Profile
    spiritwalkerHidden Profile Oct 2009 CALGARY, Manitoba Canada
    well written great poem as always
  • Bentlee
    BentleeOP Oct 2009 Smith Falls, Ontario Canada
    Ty for your thoughts jazzy an glad you liked it:)
  • Bentlee
    BentleeOP Oct 2009 Smith Falls, Ontario Canada
    Ty spiritwalker for your thoughts, good to see you an happy you liked this works. :)
  • poetengineerHidden Profile
    poetengineerHidden Profile Oct 2009 riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    as always ur brilliant mind shine with meaningful thoughts here , u r the direction and compass of mind words , thanks for u
  • Bentlee
    BentleeOP Oct 2009 Smith Falls, Ontario Canada
    :) thank you my friend Khaled, happy you enjoy my writing, your comments amaze me as what I write seems an easy stroke of the pen, hard to explain it, i guess cause i'm in the box with my writing lol. cheers an ty:)
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