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At Peace

As i reach into the depths of my soul
To search for reason if not a goal
I am surrounded by peace an traquility
As the beat of my heart slows with me

Each breath i take unties the bind
Leaving but a presence of mind
Focusing on the centre of me
Exhaling the negative to be free

Down down deeper still
Sleep is not far but i have my will
Entranced by the peace i find within
My journey here a welcome thing

I will take my time for hurry there's not
Relinquishing reality that mattered not
Tiptoe down the corridor of fate
Carefully not disturbing my mate

Procuring nothing but an abscence of mind
To enrich the soul for the sake of kind
Staying true to the being inside
While nourishing worthy pride
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2012
About this poem:
Deep relaxation.........

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Comments (5)

Nothing like taking the time to relax and reach within to find an inner peace. Like this one very much.
Very nicely written as inner peace is hard to find and keep on a daily basis but there are those of us that give it 100 per cent positive energy to find the balance in life and relish in all of it's tranquility.
Nuwahri61online today!
Thanks Cloudysky an Denileigh for the comments ........definetly need to visit there more often .cheers cool
It's something we always forget to do or
don't have the focus and or patience to do...
finding our inner peace...Thank you for
your beautiful poem...teddybear
Nuwahri61online today!
Thanks Orientalkoru for your lovely comment much appreciated......regards n61cool
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