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Bloody Tears

Today as I looked in the mirror
I could not believe what i seen
Instead of a watery tear in my eye
It was blood that rolled down my cheek
I wiped it away as it fell
Leaving a smearing smudge on my face
And suddenly more bloody tears
As my heart was beginning to race
I closed my eyes, unbelieving
For surely this is a dream
But opening my eyes I realize
That it was as it seemed
Then I collected myself
The beat of my heart eased
And as I became calm
The bloody tears ceased
I have heard of this before
But the first time I have seen
They say when a heart is broken
Is when you cry and you bleed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2012
About this poem:
A poem about a broken heart

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Comments (11)

This poem is not for everyone i know but hardly any of my poems i write are of puppy dogs and humming birds. I know more of pain than i do of love
trurorobonline today!
Stigmata??, but I get the message, one of a lot of pain.
Thanks for reading rob. It is a poem of pain.
Thanks Kelsey. Appreciate the comment
Raw...filled with real emotion....well done Dementia.thumbs up
Thanks Jazzy
Heavy!!!b georgeous write!!!applause applause
Thanks Cherie. Always appreciate your commit
A lot of us believe heartbreak is only an emotional pain...that is not is a physical pain as well! I so can relate to this, painful but real...sad flower
So true orientalkoru. Thanks for the compliment
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