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Fishing Stories

I remember sitting telling stories
Of the ones that got away
The size of fish increasing
With each a passing day

We would start with those
They were five feet long
Too bad the line broke
The fish was too strong

Then there were more
With colors so deep
If you could just reel it in
It would make you weep

One day it came true
The fish it was caught
Four foot and strong
I kid you not!

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Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Thought I would have a little fun. This is my daughter though and she did catch a HUGE fish while we were vacationing. Reminded me of many other times fishing and stories that were shared - some true and some a bit of a stretch!

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oh i thought that was youdoh well she is the split image of you though,lovely poem and nice to see you back:veryhappyM.M
Beautiful daughter and a nice big catch,mmmmm!loved your poem too CS,nice to read poems like this.thumbs up applause hug bouquet bouquet
Some daughter look and act so much like their daughters, it is almost comical. I am assuming that is a northern pike. I know the musky look so similar. We have the world's largest manmade musky in Hayward, Wisconsin, about 300 miles from me. I have been in it once when I was about 10. I tried to go in it again, but I was too early, I got there at 8 and they don't open it till 1 pm.applause frog
M.M. thank you for your kind words.
Thanks Paloma. It was amazing to see the the fish and what a beautiful time of day for the catch! She is a beautiful girl inside and out grin
Hi Mcradloff. This is a musky, picture is a 3 ft, but she also caught a 4 ft! Beautiful lakes of Northern Minnesota. These fish were introduced to this lake and have taken over some of the smaller varieties of fish. Perfect for catch and release fishing.
Like her mother.God bless you both and your family too.hug hug
A nice Musky indeed! I once caught a Northern Pike from 11 mile Reservoir in Colorado that would have taken this Muskee in as one of 'the smaller fish' in the lake!!

To bad he got away before I saw him!!

(Oh wait.... I just told a 'Fish Story' Didn't I??? wink)

A great poem accompanying an even greater photo of a very pretty young lady!! Cloudy you can be proud of this one that 'didn't get away'! Cool Poem!!! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
I loooooooooooove fishing!! Amazing!
That's awesome...awesome poem...awesome catch...awesome daughter!
You brought back memories of my fishing yesteryears..thanks for sharing!hug peace yay
Lovely poem...Beautiful picture CloudySky. hug purple heart
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