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The Swimming Coach

Everyone gather around
When you hit that water
I want you to think I am Michael Phelps
I am the dolphin
I am the barracuda
I will slice the water like a knife through butter
I will attack the water like a rabid badger after the earthworm
I wll attack the water like the Bears attacked the Patriots
If you are not ready to win
If you are not ready to give it all you have
Then I want you to leave now!
Go home and play the splishy splash in the bathtub
Go and play with your rubber ducky
Go and play dive bomber with your Star Wars action figures!
Now everyone put your hand in
Swim to Win!
Swim to Win!
Swim to Win!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Inspired by my local pool, the olympics, and Insult the Comic Dog on Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 8: Mr. Softee, episode 9.

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Comments (5)

I had never thought of a sports exhortation as poetry but it works here. Did the coach's team win? smile
Mc this is refreshingly cool.

Thnks enjoyed it. By the way you asked if I met my love here and yes and je is Ondos anc I stayed with jim in beautiful Australia.

Thanks Mc
Artman42, thanks for the comment. I hope in two weeks when they start the olympics this will work for team USA.applause cheering cheers
windyweatherly, thanks for the comment. I am glad you are enjoying your time in Australia. It reminds me of Canada, as they have more elbow room than most nations.teddybear dancing dance
yes Mc check this out. The size is like our country ( USA) and the population is only 20 million and no illigal immigrants problem

Anyway its so beautiful

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