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a true story of my past

i`ve walked the great white line with thumb out by day and by night in sun and rain,
used an old leather jacket as a blanket and a pillow for me head,fit was i as young as thy was now i look back at the backpack i carried and my entire house posesions stored within it,back to the days when items were made not from crap, and now i look back and miss all of it but thank fuc$ i got a job with all my past perks and now i
am happy because i have what once i did not two lovely children a job and the perks and a four leaf clover to state i am lucky to be me say i stink or say im gay hell say you hate my dress sense but still i am me and i am happy so go on with your jelousy because i will remain happy through tough times and good time :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
i got to thinking of a young me 13-15 years of age and no parents in my life when i used to hitch hike and how dangerous it was but how i longed for it.

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Comments (4)

An interesting stream of consciousness. A bit difficult to read as streams are so it could benefit from a little attention to spacing and punctuation. Nonetheless, it tells a story and fortunately for you apparently a good one as of now. smile
A honest tale ,original style and taste . Need more I say ...
thanks mates its always good to hear and read other poems from others.
I was very touched reading this...I could not imagine any of my Grandsons out on the road at 13/15 yr old...No way.

At least you didn't go in for a life of crime and blame it on your past. purple heart
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