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No time new york city.

Flew out of englands london town,heading for new york
city just to turn around.
Yeah turn around is what i say,
there and back in just one day.

The department of immigration,appears to lack
Flat cap guys have lost the plot,only selected folk can
park in the lot.

Trying to enter the USA
Trying to enter the USA

Biometric passports and thumbprints required,
from all member of the band,and the roadies we hired.
As for the bi ped help i will agree,but there is no get out
claws for the band and me.

Trying to enter the USA.
Trying to enter the USA

To have a thumb one must have a hand,immigration dont
A sniffer dog came up to me,sayin these darn humans are too
blind to see.
We were booked for a sell out gig in the square garden,but these immigration shits are giving me a hard on.
Well i can c*ck my leg and piss in the BUSH,but that
would not releive us quite enough.
They turned us around on the next plane out,the fans at
the garden went without.

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Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Just after 9/11 I was going through immigration in New Yorks JFK. New measures had been introduced in a hap hazzard way and the immigration officers seemed to be performing a knee jerk opera.People were being refused entry on the whim of fancy! We here in the UK had been the subject of terror attacks for decades,for the American admin it was a whole new ball game;and to me the reaction appeared as productive as "A dog chasing its tail" so I came up with the idea of a canine rock band trying to enter the USA.
Hope you enjoy!

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Comments (2)

A sharply satirical piece of work! Have you by any chance put it to music. If so, I'd like to hear it. Anyway, I get your point. And the madness continues. beer
I read that only 25,000 people from each nation are allowed to be citizens here, and it doesn't matter what the size is, China gets as many as England. Of course the easiest way to be here is to cross from Mexico into the US. My girlfriend had a frightful search in 2003 at Dulles in Washington DC. Shook her up to tears for about the rest of the day. That whole 9/11 fiasco really stripped the citizens of this country. Riding on a airplane used to be fun, now it's full of worry and fear and no lasagna.
doh wow hole stuck
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