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~Upon A Rug Of Gold~

~Upon A Rug Of Gold~

Tempt me with your ice blue eyes
melt me with your smile
Take me away to a land of love
And sit with me a while

Hold me in your sweet caress
And set my heart on fire
Gently caress my rose tinted cheeks
and fill me with desire

Lay me down affront the old log fire
Upon a rug of gold
Fill my heart with your essence of love
and warm me from the cold

As you breathe your rhythm increases
your heart beats hard and fast
If I were to die in this moment
My true wishes would be fulfilled at last.

Angel 2007
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (10)


Just had to say your words are well
written, 'Bravo'. Also, thanks for your comment on my
poem (If Only). I must say this, you look like you're
quite the angel yourself.

This is good. thumbs up
hello there lookn2share
thank you so much for your kind comments.They are very much appreciatedbouquet

Kind regards
hello there ooby_dooby
i'm happy that your enjoyed this piece.Thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated.

Kind regards
trurorobonline today!
Nice read, not sure about a gold rug though wouldnt that be a tad loud?.
hello there
thank you so much for your comments.I guess i would have to say that if my " rug of gold" was not suitable i would happily change it for the right man ;-)yay

Kind regards
Ever smell some sweet apple pie baking.....about a gold rug....ohh I don't know how long that will last.... dancing
Very seductive....shock
hello yankee
thank you so much for taking the time to read this piece.I appreciate you kind comments very much.

Kinnd regards

"Seductive"? Oh yes indeedblushing

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards
Angelangel x
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