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I have had a few people ask why I chose Silvertongue as my name.
well let me enlighten you
I am Silvertongue because
when I am in love my words dip from my tongue like honey and swim through my loves veins like a drug
when I am happy they lift from my lips like a summer breeze set free from Zephirs bosom and flits about on the wind like a kamikaze bird
and last when I am angry my words cut like a blade sharpened on 21 years of mistreatment from my peers for focusing my talents on the arts rather than on sports. In essence Ladies and Gentlemen my words are both my brush that I use to paint beauty and love across my dismal existance and my sword that I use combat my enemys for my pen is my sword and my sword my pen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I f this sounds a little arrogant well that is because it is

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What arrogance !!! Skill with a blade and pen ! Like a hired man you have a killer instinct!
I have relatives that live around the Jonesboro area. The culture there is so different than here in Wisconsin. I'm not saying we are better, just the racism and the way people deal with others is much more in your face and honest, and the southern drawl is funny to listen to.rolling on the floor laughing drinking beverage delivery
This Killer instinct as you call it has kept this little Emo kid safe my family safe. I consider you comparing me to an assassin as a complement
Amazinggg beer the "21 years of mistreatment from my peers" rolled off my tounge so nicley as i read it. ahh amazing way with words! applause

Lorii drinking
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