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Curry in a hurry

The battle lines were drawn
The scope quite unique
There was to be a judge
Whose buds you had to tweak
They brought in a specialist
Experience their claim
To see who could win
The title of the same
There wasnt a time frame
For this to all occur
So squeezing it in
Was kinda a blur
The key to it all
Was to measure correct
Not to slap it all together
An say what the heck
I was nervous to start
When tasting had arrived
But was overly bemused
When everyone had survived
The vote went for me
At the end of the night
Coconut chicken curry
A yummy delight
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Was invited by my kiwi mate to a curry challenge.....

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Comments (14)

Chicken curry if done right,
Can make you go second and more.
A toast to share , a taste of flare.
It could go terribly wrong ,
With curses and unedible song!
So beware that recipe could bring you fame ,
Or bring you down and pour you shame !
On your very very important name !!
No fame there morgan .....all just fun an casual enjoyment sharing a meal with people i didnt know he he an even if it wasnt that good i wouldn't have been fazed ....just the involvement was pleasure in itself.........thanks for your comments ...regards n61
It was a truly fun read and you got one of the two famous recipe..chicken curry and chicken soup !
A bit of curry always goes down well

Once again thanks partial to the old chicken soup too ........regards n61
Sure does Steve thanks for the comment ....regards n61cheers
orientalkoruonline today!
Love your poem...delightfully fun! I also happen to love coconut chicken curry! There is a small Thai restaurant in Vancouver that I can never forget because I had my first coconut chicken curry there...Yummy! Now you reminded me...I'll give it a go sometime this!cheers peace yay
Thanks for the comments orientalkoru i'm glad you liked ......even more awesome it brought back some good memories for you .......regards n61::banana: head banger grin cool
Hi, Nuwahri61,
Congratulations on the Curry in a hurry outcome. Before moving to the midwest, a former coworker used to have an annual chili competition to add to summer's warmth! Both nostalgia and hunger pangs were evoked by this delightful write. Thanks for sharing.
Hey thanks gnj4u glad it worked its magic on you ha ha ........regards n61
Very nice, Nuw. Thanks for putting your experience into verses and sharing with us, your friends.

Best wishes.
Hey thanks vyoleta glad you liked it know just as it was a pleasure to share my curry its just as much pleasure to share these simple words within the presence of great company.......regards n61
A most delightful and tasteful write,though i'm no curry lover because of a bad experiencecheers M.M
Delightful poem!
I like how you started ...and how you ended it
heart wings
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