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Legend of Drunken Tales saga. Part II

From the distance horizon a black vessel came,
No ship of sail could match her speed,
As if by magic ,she landed with ease.
Neither sirens nor beasts was seen,
But a group of men with 2 powerful women tag team,
Lady Soulgoddess a magician ,and Lady ClticPt12 a Cleric
with honour guards and their Clumsy leader Capt.Kickit22. adjusting his baggy brigga too lose,
Among the shadows of the forest they peep,Just when Sir Ondos wet his girlish balls shield,
And expose their hideout to these strangers,
Lady Soulgoddess with her musical voice, wave her hand,
And in an instant they all stood before them break dancing!,
She spoke with mischief in her eyes while lady Celtic gave a lazy smile,
'By order of Poetno1,We have come to take you to the Kingdom of Macduff!'
You have no choice!'
With that lady WeeWee gave out a loud gas! That shriek capt. Kickit22 into a chicken dance! To be continued...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Magician ..Soulgoddess
Capt of the guard...Kickit22
Duke of winterwonderland...Ondos
Lady of windywest ...WindyW
Master retainers...Odette67 and Elo69
And guest star Poetno1 ...Govenator
And more to come ...

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Comments (14)

This is so hilarious guys and I am so laughing out loud which is so good for the spirit. Thank you so much Morgen for this ingenuity you master crafted. I am loving it..cheers hug kiss yay cheering applause banana
Still trying to understand how break dancing came into all of thislaugh Funny stuff,much thanks for the humourcheers M.M
The show is not over yet..still got part III coming up..soon at a threater near you .thank you could not have done it without your support ! Stay tune for a another round of....
orientalkoruonline today!
Lol, Lol, Lol...Morgen you've got me laughing so hard I had to wipe my tears! This is so funny...and I agree...when you wrote ...musical voice I was thinking angelic...classical ...soft.. feminine that sort of thing. So I agree with MM... what does break dancing got to do with it? Can't figure it out but what the heck...I really don't care coz I'm loving it! I can't break dance but happy to join Kickit in a chicken dance Lol! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace yay
It is like in a ball where all are expected to just go out there and twirl and swirl and step and kick and even raised our legs occassionally but heck what a camraderie there is. Why can't I leave you guys? EXACTLY..banana cheering rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay yay cheers hug comfort frustrated frustrated doh doh doh cool cool cool confused confused confused professor professor roll eyes roll eyes roll eyes sleep sleep conversing conversing conversing moping moping moping help help dunno dunno dunno
I need to ask walt disney prod for a raise!
A box office hit worldwide but with no big superstars ,ALL upcoming stars in the making...
Thank u koru san and WeeWee .:oops I mean WindyW ;-)banana
I like it morgen..I am hooked already. cool
You have got me hooked waiting for the next thrilling installment

applause applause applause
rolling on the floor laughing Wow very twisty and imaginative laugh where will this tale end up next? From being among the shadows of the forest to break dancing cheers AMAZING write :)
thank you Ondos John
mighty thanks Steve
My sweet lorii
it's was the best I've done
one of my favourites
thank you
Morgen, so very nice to be reminded of the good old days.

Ex WW.hug
It's was a good time and still worth laughing over again
thanks sister
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