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Children At Home

In response to a poem of a battlefield scene where only one soldier remains alive and wonders what it was for.
Children At Home

But then the soldier quickly remembered
That children at home could know,
Without visions of friends dismembered,
A life where freedom and love could grow.

That is the cost that freedom demands,
Where evil has always tried to rule,
For all to submit to the dire commands
Of tyrants that govern as a fool.

So a warrior knows better than anyone,
The price that freedom will cost,
So seek their wisdom before the gun,
For they know what both sides lost.

There is no happiness in celebration,
But gratitude others are spared,
From being sent by a worried nation
Because of the gift of they who dared.

Only fools would think that if we laid down our arms,the rest of the world would too.Let those fools put their children on the front lines with no weapons to greet the enemy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (6)

Nice ,sensitive and straight at your face type of poem.
Thanks very much,Morgen.
I think if Congress had to send their children to Iraq and Afghanistan back in 2001 and 2003, the vote to go to war would have never been made.drinking frustrated super sir bobby boxing elephant
Amen to Mc.
Very nicely written response. I too agree that we must have a military presence and battles unfortunately are necessary at times. I am thankful for those who have given their service and some their lives so that we can live in a world of freedoms. My heart breaks at the countless number of lives lost in battles though.
Thank you all.Nobody wants to see anyone sent to war and I would not want to make that decision nor be the commanders who do so,but I am grateful for the very high quality of the commanders who do lead them,as evidenced in various TV documentaries, interviews, etc.It is reassuring these leaders do not measure morality with the same yardstick as their typical opponents do.I live in Canada and am proud to have the US as a neighbour and the UK as the mother country.Our collective societies are slipping away from God and our standard of living is keeping pace with that.We need to put God back into our schools and government....yesterday.
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