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Vanity Mirror

I feel like the glass on a vanity mirror
Reflects so much yet nothings inside
Dark grey, no good deeds but many sins to hide
Not much under the surface but secrets which scatter around my brain
And I can’t help but to ponder
If I told you would you still look at me the same?
I see no more than skin deep
And that’s as deep as I dare to see
But as the memories creep
Their torture is only to keep reminding me
Under the makeup I weep
Hate being called pretty, sexy or hottie
Those remarks do nothing but offend me
Because they prove you do not see my true beauty
Darker than gold complexion
Wide eyes which reflect the world
Not to say I’m perfect
But I was always taught to worship that I’m more than an average girl
I keep the way I want to be seen in one hand
“as beautiful as the Yangtze river”
I keep Vanity in the other hand
“Mac makeup brushes, foundation and concealer”
My thoughts seem to go as deep as beauty and tremble at the thought of going deeper
But always seem to reflect so much more, to make it seem that my mind is broader
And that’s why sometimes I feel like the glass on a vanity mirror.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
So this just sprung from my mind so it's abit all over the place :/

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Comments (12)

I'm amazed that someone as young as you, has already discovered the emptiness and shallowness of pure vanity. You're right to express your disgust for those that see only the surface of beauty that you've been blessed to wear outwardly without attempting to see the deeper beauty that lies within!! An EXCELLENT write young lady!!!

P.S. - I might suggest that you check your spelling on a word in the 10th line. (I 'think' you meant to use the word 'Torture' not 'torcher'.

I was sad to see that you identified yourself as an Atheist on your profile. crying Wether you know it or not, all that beauty that you possess - both inside and out, was given to you by the very God that you denounce. And what's really great.... He LOVES YOU!

Once again... I'm amazed at your depth of insight and your creative talent in expressing your thoughts so well in poetic expression! Keep up the awesome writing!!! thumbs up
Dear lori, be praised by swade and to offer advise upon you by him is by no means a small gesture on his part...the significant can only be glaring like a blazing sun ...take heed my lady ,you have a gift that goes with your beauty ,thou we are two poles apart ,we are the same as magnets .there's pain and disgust underneath these words and an ongoing battle within yourself to justify your existence ...Let me share mine own dark demon...i'm a ZOMBIE ! ...No not that...i often proclaim i'm Useless!! In a way it's true...still seeking my true strength on the other hand ..know your enemy and constantly in a battle to overcome IT ! Or am I just a wasted senile blabbering fool ?? I'm either an observant man or a screwed joker !? This is my take on you and yours...
wow, i mean i loved reading both your comments :) oh an sorry about my spelling people >.< not my strong point loolz but yeah i mean i love writting about vainty not many poets do but my true problem is my struggle to look beyond skin deep yet when people do it to me it makes me feel so worthless, like they truly cant see me. :S confused if that makes sense lool.
glass on a vanity mirror.

I like that!
:) thank you loolz
One question?

The people that look at you in such a manner, do they look past the glass to see a reflection of their vanity face in the mirror?
Lolz yeah
I love both Swade's Morgen's comment,so nothing to really add to it but to say i enjoyed your write.Hope to read more from you yet againhandshake gift M.M
I think Swade has said it all ... lovely write

bouquet bouquet
cheers Thank you soo much :)
I remember my final year of school. I got asked by four girls in my grade to carpool with them. I felt lucky since they were all gorgeous, but since I was less than good looking, it tortured me, needless to say I felt totally out of place, but still appreciative to be surrounded by such beauty. We live in a vain world, of course the vainest one is the one looking back at you in the mirror.smitten rollers happy place
Yeah loool funny how things happen lol but my personal opinion is I think people who want to date someone because of the other persons looks has there own issues with insecurity or vainty :/
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