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Killing Cupid

My lip curled and slightly bitten
My tongue concealed and skilfully hidden
Because it dances at the sight of you
Ready to declare my love for you
I eschew my feelings
Because I don’t believe in happy endings
I've been hurt so many times
And although I’ve just etched into my prime
I feel like I was born to be alone sometimes
Everything’s telling me yes
My fears are telling me no
And as my mind is whispering stop
My body's screaming go!
My heart longs to be locked with yours
But my fear of being hurt Locks and bolts those doors
Me and cupid will continuously fight
I've already broke his arrow and snapped his bow
I refuse to make a fool of myself in his love show
And that’s something I cannot be sorry for
Because if you’re “my soul mate” how comes he shot me so many times before?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Umm I invented a character inspired by Havisham, as a English student im studying her lately and i made up a Character called Kandra a hurt lonely woman who has been through what she calls the "worst of the worst".

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Comments (13)

Wow! It's like a window to my soul! Are you trying to seduce me! This is good stuff like cuba cigars !! Must say not only am I impress ,but also your fan...and friend ...Ancient Bullman
Aww thanks ever so much :)
The world are full of them sadly though,but when such bad things happen it teaches us valuable lessons for future days when we see the little signsgift bouquet M.M
handshake Yeah definitely Thank you for reading my poem :)
orientalkoruonline today!
Beautiful write, such deep sentiments/emotions...I
sure can relate...thanks for sharinghug wine
Awh thank you :) handshake
i really like this poemhead banger
Thank you :)I'll be sure to read urs if ya write :)
Hey Lorii,

That's a good one! I think you touch many hearts with this poem
Awh thanks very much :) cheers
Full of fire and passion..Love it!kiss teddybear
Very good poem. I use to fall easily because of me having such a big heart. But over the years I have grown thick skinned so now Cupid's arrows just bounce off my backside. Really enjoyed it
Thanks Guys :) glad you like it, cheers and oh yeah i feel as everytime my heart gets broken i loose my trust in people but right now I'm too naive when it comes to relationships :/ mumbling
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