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---------Going Cross Country---------

Well today I found a new
I thought it was in the mirror
I cried when it felt so new

Can I possibly feeling you?
Was it you?
Are you someone new?

Distance does travel
Can another link with words
Of course we can if it is LOVE

Having time to write
will bring the distance between me and you

To a brand new start of hope for TOMMARRO
I loved you today
I will love you tomarro even more than today
Days to come will show our love
In the shadow we have left cross-country

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Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I found a new love across nation and it is strong....

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Comments (5)

I believe in re-newed love from a farheart wings
Good for you! You were on my get-to-know flirt list but now it's one lady short ...
So maybe my turn will come...
Take care and god bless coz you used to make me breathless ! :)
Ahhhhhhhhhh you are so sweet we will see if this love will work have a good daya nd always like reading your writes to and enjoy my writes more to come.teddybear
Best of wishes with your new love and its good to see youwine M.M
Thanks Poetnumber1 well this is a long distance one and Glad to see you agin as well.teddybear
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