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Brawl at high noon in poet's Corner

My hands are clean
I earn my keeps
Dont call me a cheat
When your hand is weak
Go and tell your friends,
You have been beaten by Me!
Ancient I am,
Bullman my name,
Infamous my hand,
Poker my game.
Many famous and not came,
But never leave the same,
Swade,lori,steve and more,
We brawl and got alot,
Big lost and bigger wins.
This place aint safe,
For you to come here and play,
This warning is for you to stay away,
With broken bottles ,teeth and face.
Just the other day,
A fight with Cafe and Me,
We played high noon on sunday,
And forgot to go to church and pray!
Because of this we fought again,
Until the next high noon came!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Thanks to water's pub at poet's Corner ,got this inspiration !
This is my take base in western wild wild west saloon in poet's Corner .

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Comments (12)

well, I've only got two words of wisdom to share here..... " I FOLD!" Nicely done morgen!!

Let the poker faces show who the real winner is! (Cafe.... I'm afraid that maybe you've bitten off more than you can chew my friend!! Bullman looks like a serious player!!) Glad I was able to add my .02 cents to the pot!! Thanks morgen for the honorary mention!! handshake
To share with friends and a special breed like you swade makes writing this a dream come true coz you Dont come across a modest man like you around with your vast experience and a decorated ex-marine officer like you sir! How about another round of poker at your place..:)
This is fun. If you got the guts, meet me at high noon and I'll throw a verb atcha, and I'll kill you slow with a few limiricks. Make my sentence!rolling on the floor laughing violin cowboy
Sir Mcradloff I'll take you on,
and make you eat your words ,
and not before long ,
shred your brigga into pieces ...rolling on the floor laughing
Wild Bill Bullman came a ride'n into
With dusty boots and spers,not
A local made a sound
He made his way to the saloon
With his hat pulled down tight
He was bangin' down some whisky
He was a lookin' for a fight
Suddenly the door swung wide
There stood a mysterious figure
The stranger spit tobacco with
His finger on the trigger
Bullman whirled around a pistol
In each hand
He cursed and wiped his mouth
It was time to make a stand
Eyeball to eyeball they did
Test each others metal
The barroom fell silent on
This score they'd surely
A motion of the hands.. gunfire
Filled the air
The piano player gasped..the
Crowd in fearful stare
A body on the floor there was
Little left to say
When that stranger came to town
The gunman called Cafe..

Ancient Bullman recovered from the gunfight. Apparently, his six-gun
got jammed and he couldn't get off
a shot. He disappeared, but his
picture is still hanging in the
post office. There's a bounty on
his head for $10,000. Word has it
that he's hiding out in Mexico.
But fear not. I'll track this wanted
killer down, and once again, he'll
face the wrath of my lightning pistols.
*L-O-V-E* it!!! thumbs up cowboy
godsprincessonline today!
You guys been at this for 4 years now? What an Epic Tale!

Kathy grin teddybear
Yea I'm a wanted .man
but this tale ain't over
just between you and me partner ...rolling on the floor laughing
Reader of souls this was the best time when every poet added their piece in this poem challenge was hilarious
godprincess 4 years ain't a long time dear ...
it's just a passage of time ...Lola tongue
Mexico.. Showdown!
To be continued!

Return of the gunslinger.
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