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some times I sit and ponder
and then I wonder
how my life changed so fast
my only good memories are of the past
yet the present is filled with pain
love and happiness are down the drain
I'm 24 but I've been through more then most my age
I was even thrown in jail and put in a cage
I lost all that i held dear
I cant remember the last time I had a good year
with each painful passing second i prey for the end to be near
death is something I will embrace and never fear
I dont know how many times I can fall and then rise
life is supposed to be a gift but to me its a prize
because its nothing but a battle and not everybody wins
im not innocent I have committed many sins
but that doesn't make me bad because i do great things
yet torture is all this life brings
our actions define who we are but the choices we make will shape our path
it seems every corner comes a new tragedy like im cursed with a wicked wrath
wishing i can change what is written in stone
but its impossible to change the past so i sit here alone
i can see nothing but hardache
this is more then my heart can take
pearls of wisdom gained threw the years
so im stronger now with no fears
except being transparent,unnoticed,and lonely
so i say my final farewell deserted,abandoned,and forsaken but never phoney
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
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Comments (7)

There's a little piece there for EVERYONE to relate to your pain.
Your a true genuine real talent!!!! That's a gift rockstar, don't let the trials and tribulations of life, forever hold you long as we live, we will always have burdens to bear its unfortunate but true...your time will come for peace & love never give up!!!! I can relate to what you have written, I've been there to!!!!! Bless uphug comfort handshake heart wings teddybear bouquet
@ cherry i try never to give up im still here but its hard when things go so well for a week or so maybe even a month or 2 but then everything seems as if it was for nothing when everything just comes crashing down i do hope things will change and i just want to say thank you and im happy 2 see u enjoy my writting
Some spoken word here...props...people would feel this one when you spit it...handshake
Thanks madtatt 29 I appreciate that
living in NYC once myself I can relate to the pain. well done. many of us change and lonely our paths be... for many only want the old you. but keep going. great people arise from life situations and challenges
@jwriter thanks brother life has its ups and downs hopefully something great will come out of the ashes
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