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Sonnet La Forest

Am not alone in whom life seem forest
Condition abound in which diversion occur
With no other choice rather to concur
And give reverence to force in the highest

Once in forest to silence I observe
With sound of birds all in my ear
And wild predators all here and near
Thus my strength now all in reserve

Camping in forest to vigilante I remain
For erecting a tent now a work
And my survival now a luck
For I am inflicted with a means to contain

As obtain in forest so thus life
For all I thread is means to survive
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
This is just an attempt to give sonnet a shot.

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Nice muboditeddybear
And a nice shot you didhandshake M.M
Thanks Lucy1777,You are inspiring!gift wine
Thanks poetnumber1, yours is always sweet to read!cheers
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by Unknown
on Jul 2012
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