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My Imaginary Lover

My Imaginary Lover

How can you trust in this world of computers.
When a person can make an image that matches no others.
They have no smell, or touch, or gesture that is clear.
For only the images of your mind can create who’s here.

Behind the pages of written text,
They do imply a simple description; tall, dark, and handsome.
And you can only create an imaginary situation of that image.
That varies from changes in their statements as they come and go,
That unknown person who could be anything is captured in a machine.
And all the while you have in mind that unknown lover that can’t be seen.

Can be scarey…………….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Again one of the poems that I places with a shot of a person on a computer searching for that person...

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Comments (4)

Very true's very scary!!! I think people get caught up in the fantasy rather than reality!!!! thought provoking write. Thank you!!! applause applause
Sweet poem dear. You have great humor dear..grin By the King's order you shall be protected from the beast from the land of Slopsville. Keep that imagination alive!professor kiss teddybear
How can you trust in this WORD of computers ....
Was this intended or a mistake typo coz it sounds weird ...should it be WORLD ? Welcome aboard the ship ! One more deckhand aye we need ! Now Back to work or i'll feed you to the fish! devil
Hi Bythecoast,

What you say here is too true. Between the image and the reality...falls the shadow. It's a difficult place when you are used to seeing people in reality. thumbs up wine
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