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The Fire Between Two Lovers

The Fire Between the Lovers

A look, a gesture, a smile.
A touch, a whisper, and for a while
the mind begins to wander with questions
and of simple suggestions
of things that are yearned for by the heart.

His words, His thoughts, His lips
As his hands caress her hips
to pull her in closer within his spell
for he knows he will not fail,
to meet the yearning of her heart.

And as her body presses
He feels the shape beneith her dresses
which fills his heart with anticipation
and builds within trepidation,
that this moment will capture his heart.

The fire between the lovers
Is nothing new they do discover.
It was simply buried beneath their external cover.
And when released revealed true lovers,
which captured both their lonely hearts.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Again one of the 12 that night I sorta wrote quickly to place with a sculpture of a man and woman together... lifting up like fire.. neat.

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