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Barriers broken, words unspoken.
Can't let you in, my skins to thin.
My hands are bare, sweat covers the fear.
A layer taken, starting to break in
My thoughts are shaken, I can't breath....
I'm sinking slowly, I have to leave...
The door is closing, I'm slowly choking.
Your presence is provoking, intoxicating,
Another layer taken...nothing faking.
I'm slipping in silence, weakened in shyness.
Butterflies fluttering, anxious, nervous, whenever your near.
A layer has just again, disappeared.
Your touch is tender, passionate, intense.
I'm breathless, blinded have no defense.
I can't deny what I feel inside,
although I hide, a layer subsides
This is heavy. I love you so much.
I scream with emotion, each time we touch.
You have pulled me out,
I have let you in. I have never experienced this feeling
Vulnerable no longer, my heart secured.
My love cry's with happiness, no longer a layer, a layer no more........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I was thinking of a song, colour blind by counting crows, when I wrote this...

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Comments (22)

I Cherie i never heard the song but i think this is absolutely a beautiful piece of writingapplause teddybear M.M
So much appreciated m....thankyouhug kiss heart wings lips
I haven't heard of that song. I was listening to the Eurythmics this morning. There are a lot of good songs out there. I was lsitening to "If You Leave" by OMD yesterday. Reminded me of my 1986 prom. I got to go, but I had to leave early and never even got a kiss, at least she was pretty.dancing teddybear dance
Lol Mcrad Awhhhh the 80's luv those songs!!! Great era of music....what no kisscrying Not coolcool Lol colour blind very beautiful may have heard it but listen to the words!!!! check it out!!! Thanks for your comment handshake hug
out of this world
Thank You for such beautiful expression..
cheers cheering wow
Sincerely appreciated jena....thank you very much for your comment!!! hug handshake
Have not heard the mentioned song either but your write is lovely

Thank you so much Steve!!!! teddybear teddybear handshake handshake
hello cherry

you know this would make great lyrics to a class song. your presence is provoking,intoxicating another layer taken..

Cherie, you know where you stand in my circle! Right in the center where you're admired from all angles!! You're a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and soul!! So glad to be a friend of yours!! Tender Hugs to you from Oregon!! hug
cherryreggae just melted my heart thanks for your kind words......sincerely and much appreciated!!!hug hug heart1 heart beating purple heart
Blessings always John, I appreciate and value you so much!!! Thank you for the many complimentscrying so sweet, sincere, and heartfelt.....hug kiss handshake heart wings
Cherrie you are a multi layer talented lady! peace
Yankee4youonline today! really have a way to describe something that for many are only 'a feeling' usually not a very well understood 'feeling' of understood good enough to put into words like's hard sometimes for me to be so honest with myself like that...always so worried to offend...I like what you have done.....i love this poem very much....its really good.....what great write!!! applause handshake
Hi morgen, thanks so much for the compliment, your lovely!!!!hug cheers kiss
Wow!!!!! Thanks so much Yankee, I so appreciate your comment. And taking the time out to express yourself...Kinda lil speechless lol dunno you really made my day and I hear what your Saying, i understand, I can be that way to sometimes....your sweet,!!! teddybear bouquet heart wings heart beating
I am colored in skin. No one gots to come in. Pull me out from inside. I am folded and unfolded and unfolding I am color blind. Coffee black and egg white. Pull me out from inside. I am ready. I am ready I am fine.
Such a beautiful song. And a beautiful wonderful poem that you wrote while thinking of that song. You are so talented.
Thanks so much dementia!!! I love that song!!!heart beating Truly appreciate the comment & compliment!! Ty hug yay handshake cheers heart1 bouquet
how is your poet nice nice niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best weshis
This is very good, it's like the words to a song I don't know yet
Thank you halber very muchhug heart wings
Hi little rascal thanks so much hmmm a song yay Lol sounds good. Ty for your comment, appreciate itthumbs up
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