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Bridge To???

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Was in the wrong place at the wrong time
To be in the bank the day they held it up
Now I'm no hero, a coward if truth was known
So I kept a low profile, stayed at the back

Maybe that was my mistake, I was too obvious
Or so they thought, as a gun pointed at me
In fright I dropped straight to the ground
Was the second mistake I should not have made

I heard a sound, was loud in my ears
It was the sound of a handgun firing
At first I thought that I was all right
Then agonising waves of pain hit me

Screaming I heard loud and clear
Was wondering, then realised it was me
All around me the light was fading
Was this the end of life for me

Time had passed, it might be centuries
Or it might be just the beat of a heart
There I stood, I don't know where
But with nothing but fog all around

As I looked around the fog slowly lifted
Behind me the road stretched away into the distance
To the left and right there was nothingness
And before me stood a massive steel bridge

Slowly I approached it and looked down
It seemed to span a bottomless ravine
With some trepidation I stepped on to the bridge
As I did a bright light lit up on the other side

I stopped in fear but the light never moved
Steadily it blazed like a guiding beacon
What on the other side was waiting for me
Heaven or Hell, which would it be

How long I stood there I have no idea
The concept of time was meaningless here
My future, I knew, was over there
A heavy sigh, I set my feet towards the light
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I leave it to the reader as to what he found over there or possibly another chapter at a later date.

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Comments (12)

Steve, this is a clever introduction for a story that could continue to grow into a complete manuscript! I'm in! When's the next installment? I hate being left ... wondering sigh
Nice ...and many thanks my friend steve.hug
This is another brilliant piece of works,you sure have the art of story tellingcheers applause M.M
This is lovely Steve waiting to read the handshake hug
Thank you swade777

Thank you morgen90210

Very interesting Steve, I like to think you were happy enough on the other side of the bridge.

purple heart purple heart
Thank you Mustapha ... glad you appreciated it

Thanks paloma66 ... part two is posted

Great story cheering
Thank you Ladybee42 .. would like to think that I will be happy on both sides of the bridge

Thank you moongirl1

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