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Does it take courage to love?
Is bravery needed to love another?
Why is love so scary or difficult that it takes courage to do it?
If that is so then why?
Is it because we could be wounded like in battle?
Needing armour to avoid the pain of getting hurt?
Will it kill us?
What is so bad about getting a broken heart?
Isn’t life all about pleasure and pain?
Tennyson tells us that, ’T’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’
So if this is true then why are we so afraid to love?
Is pain to be avoided at all cost, even the cost of possible true love?
Do we believe the pain will remain throughout our life?
That we will have no control over when that ache of a lost love diminishes?
Are people who shy away from love cowards?
And the fools who rush in daring and bold?
Does love make us fearless or foolhardy?
When we overcome the apprehensions to face the impending danger of loving another human.
Panic sets in just thinking that this person could just possibly win our heart.
Is it the ownership of said heart that we worry about?
Setting off alarm bells that danger lurks around the corner.
Waiting, trembling with sweetly palms shaking in our boots.
Powerless and out of control of this feeling we call love.
This organ housed within our chest beats faster, louder blocking out the world for a moment.
We are intoxicated.
Is this not what we all live for?
These times when nothing else exists other than the beloved.
Then why not face the demon dragon and plunge into the deep waters of love.
Risk the discomfort of a possible crushed or shattered heart.
Be a brave gladiator of love and charge into combat, with heart in hand.
By Carol Vialogos July 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I was watching a film one night and someone said it takes courage to love. And it made me think. Does it so I wrote some ideas down and this poem was created shortly after.

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I really like your poem,I guess because I've been there, and I read you. Keep up the good expressive writing. studecar
Wow Georgeous this poem small world thanks for sharinghandshake hug
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