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She talks alot and rarely asks
She changes topic so quick
Distraction is her ruler
Medication to help thoughts stick

Neglect can be a problem
And she has a short temper
She forgets to keep appointments
Its really hard for her

90 miles a minute
Its sometimes hard to keep up
A factory of ideas and thoughts
Oh brain will you ever shut up

Conversation is no obstacle
Intelligent and so bright
Quick to point out mistakes
Also quick to stir up a fight

She feels like shes a failure
That her efforts turn to sand
If it wasnt for this disorder
She could probably rule the land
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Hi this is so true.. I am ADHD and have helped students learn to control without meds and some must have meds... ADHD women are 20% while men are 80% I call us the shakers and makers of the world with new ideas. My daughter the surgeon is also ADHD and a great surgeon. Also women who are ADHD are wired to the senses and that shows in all of their work as well as romance and intimacy. I would never want to be anything else.... I have worked with thousands of students and made a change for them to understand the potential.. thank you for this poem... but I dont argue or stir up fights... I guess I learned to control that impulsiveness and accept differences. Great clear discriptions and wonderful, but I must add that I have done more in life than 3 women in my life time and it is amazing what we can do..
People I know with A.D.H.D are very talented and special people...I know a little boy with it...He is very bright though just like you say in your poem...He talks a lot and is a little tiresome at times...We just have to be patient with them.purple heart
Looking from a different angle, she would be the stepping stone towards honing your skills to adapt, improvise to her rhythm of life as that is her comfort zone Not Yours.

Looking from a different angle, you would be the stepping stone towards honing her skills to understand, accept to your rhythm of life as that is your comfort zone Not Hers.

As my new hobby - Photography, takes me on a journey through seeing the world in so many different angles, so many ways of perceiving a captured moment in life, it teaches me the simplicity of nature and the complexity of the human eyes (or the human minds).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter hug
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