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A horrible day at the movies today
12 shot dead another 70 hurt
was in my truck just driving down highway
little chipmunk ran out in front
saw it's brown eyes
wish I could have
the day just turned
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
just don't think it can get any worse oh i know it could but just seems like it can't

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Hey Mike! I hear you pal! The carnage of Aurora, Colorado has no explanation short of satanic possession within that SICK, SICK, SICK individual responsible for the lifelong torments he's brought upon so many people! My heart has ached for these victims all day since seeing on Yahoo news this morning the events of that midnight showing of Batman. My prayers are with those poor families whose lives have been ripped to pieces!! I just hope that people realize.... it was NOT the guns or the ammo..... it was the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the individual behind the act of sheer madness!!

This should NOT become a platform for disarming law abiding citizens as the gun-haters will try to make it! Had other's been legally carrying concealed weapons, the tragedy might have been reduced substantially!!!! What a SICK, SICK, SICK individual!!!
Very sad and tragic an outcome,laws needs to be put in place and enforced in order to prevent such future occurences.This is indeed a sad situation.M.M
Swade said it all for me...yes, thoughts and prayers goes to the family of the victims who now have to feel the pain of losing and missing their love ones forever...sad flower
Hi John

This incident is just way over the top. For some one just to walk into a movie theater and start spraying with bullets. I am deeply sickend by the people that call themselves american's! You know my friend, let me tell you! with this company I been working for, I have been travling into Canada, you know the government made it illegal for the people to carry. Honestly, every time I go to Canada it is such a different feeling I get, when I am here in the U.S. because for the fact that people do not have to worry about when the next shooting is going to be or if they themselves will be shot. I got on some wrong road in Canada where the streets did not look all that nice but I had no fear because I knew I was not going to have a gun in my face. your right! it's not the gun's it's the people! but you know if you ever get to Canada you will know what I mean. I have always been a supporter to bear arms. After being in Canada my friend, I think my views are changing. Just because the tension in the air is far less then here in America. There is multiple shootings every day, we just here about the ones that are in a mass. did you know that there have been 6 shooting related deaths in Chicago alone in just a matter of couple weeks. It truly is a mad world out here and something needs to be done. My thoughts about guns are changing. I don't know, I am just saying you can tell the difference from the America to Canada.
I have been in Canada twice and I felt like I was walking into a different land. You really feel you can breath up there. The tension here is so great, especially since the Chicago people have been arriving in droves, trying to escape the violence and population, but bringing their death with them. I like Charlton Heston when he made his speech to the NRA, "From my cold dead hands!" help innocent angel popcorn popcorn
Hi Swade..

I just also wanted to say about the theory about if everybody had a gun this wouldn't happen.. personally I disagree with this because people are psychotic to begin with and do not care if they themselves die and want to take others out. when your going to a midnight movie the last thing you would expect is this to happen, I think if everybody had a gun in the theater and somebody walked in and started shooting, honestly I do not think anybody would walk out alive because people over react and people would start shooting randomly imagine a dark theater and everybody started shooting I think I have to disagree, there certainly would be far greater casualties then the 12 just for the fact all you would here is gun fire and you would not know who is shooting who. just imagine this if you were in that situation.. anyways.... my thoughts of right to bear arms is changing course sad to say but as long as there are guns there will be people who use them on others..
This is so sad....My prayers are with the family's teddybear
Hi Kick, I feel ya about all this. Sad, angry, distressed that this is the state of our nation. We, America the strong and brave, gunning down our own in the streets, cars, schools, movie theaters. This is the year of reckoning and the test of time is always about our ability to love and show compassion. How do fare against those with power and hate. The answer is in the headlines. I am sorry your day was compounded by this sweet little chipmunk. I truly believe that lessons are placed before us every day. No matter what happen Kick, we still have to find the goodness in this world or the rest will eat you alive. I wish I had answers. I can only be the best person I know how to be. I am actively seeking a partner who will be like minded and stand with me to make a difference. I do what I can on my own, but alone isn't what I want anymore. I ask myself every day what I can do to better myself and the lives of those I encounter. I ask myself what is behind all those senseless events. I think it all boils down to love. Those raised by individuals who didn't have it themselves, didn't know how to give it. I could go on and on. Love each other, Learn to forgive is what I tell myself. Some days it just isn't as easy as all that. HUGS my friend. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!~

sad flower

Deeply saddened about the tragic events...crying I totally agree with you originally from the uk, the police only in special forces carry weapons. We live in such a harsh society. In Europe although these incidents happen...they are much fewer than in the u.s.a. The freedom to bear arms has deadly consequences, when in the wrong hands...why do we have to continue , to go thru these tragedies of innocent ppl. Just heavy heart to bare....hug hug comfort comfort heart beating heart beating teddybear teddybear ....cheriexxo
sad flower sigh very mad thumbs down sad flower
This local screwball has a thing with "power" that went terribly wrong. Unfortunatley, the nation is mourning this jerk's claim to fame. The right to bear arms should never be taken away from US citizens. Contrary to all the publicly about the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, the Stand Your Ground law has proven to be an effective way to cut the violent crime rate in Florida and provide the necessary protection for law abiding citizens. One of the reasons why Canada's atmosphere is different~~we have too many illegal immigrants coming into this country committing violent crimes.
gnj4uonline today!
Hi, kickit22,
'Twas certainly a day of horrific tragedy...quite overwhelming.
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