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The rolling waves sing sultry songs
and echo sweet compliance-
the phoenix hair, and lips to dare
resound with mock defiance.
Her eyes abound with mystery, infinity,
and such
Her muselike ways drive to a daze and
craving for a touch.
She's wise and true and loving too
but cares not to be bound.
She'll teach you, help you, hold you,
heal you,
Leave without a sound.
The whispering winds weave tales of honor,
and gallantry unbound
Of deeds at sea, in air,
above and below the ground.
The bards sing of her beauty,valor,
heart foresworn to love
To cherish those about her
like heaven up above.
With sword or heart
she'll do her part to champion
the good,
The poor,downtrodden,all the weak,
and those misunderstood.
The minstrels sing Calliope in mystic
words of song,
Of she who bests the devil to
make right of what is wrong.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (4)

Fantastic! Saturated with sweet romance..Must do more of these!kiss
This is no doubt a captivating and fantastic piece of writingapplause wow handshake bouquet M.M
Awesome .........really liked this ........regards n61cool
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