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Swinging on my porch contemplating a rhyme
close by a Sparrow chirps aloud while killing time
Earths whitest sand covers our beautiful Pensacola beaches
a Woodpeckers tapping a rotting Oak for tidbits he beseeches

In the distance rolling thunder shakes the sky
ominous lightning strikes violently near by
Swirling wind starts stirring the trees
leaves flap noisily due to the gusting breeze

I see rain approaching from where I sit and stare
it's so close I can smell it permeate the air
A chorus of frogs' dispense an eerie piercing sound
heavy rains quickly fade leaving behind saturated ground

Eager birds scurry for morsels they most like to eat
surfacing insects make for a tasty appetizing treat
A sprinkle lingers as the Sun returns from being away
a breathtaking Rainbow sums up this rainy afternoon day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Pretty much how it really unfolded on this particular day......

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Hi lookn2share

I really like the structure and rhyme of this informative write, you've certainly succeeded in making Pensacola sound a most attractive location...

Bill wine
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