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Thought it was too late
To find my soul mate.
At first I felt on cloud nine.
Chatting with you online.
Our connection in cyberspace.
We never met face to face?
But you seemed so honest and true,
Now I miss talking to you.
I loved the contact we had
Sometimes silly, even mad.
I often thought it was daft
Was it just a game and a laugh?
A way for you to pass the time
Wasting mine should be a crime.
Was I just your pawn?
Where have you gone?
Leaving me to wonder why?
You never even said good-bye.
With not as much as a thank you.
Maybe you met someone new.
So where is my new cyber friend?
Tell me why did it end?
Look for you but you're never there
Is it over our cyber love affair?
Didn't mean that much to you?
Or will I hear from you out of the blue?
If you come texting me one day,
What should I say?
Welcome back or get lost, delete?
I know that we will never meet.
These two strangers on the net
Writing to I may regret
Have you decided to just move on
Singing a different song.
With another cyber friend
Well nothing I can do in the end.
But accept my fate
And look again for my soul mate.

By Carol Vialogos July 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Well maybe some of you have also been here.
Not sure why people on line disappear but have
heard I am not the only one so wrote this for us.

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Comments (2)

Hi small worlds, I can really relate to this poem! I've experienced having a cyber friend and then experienced loss after not seeing the person online...wondering if I did or said something wrong. I realized how although we may not no someone personally or physically, they do affect us in many different ways. Thanks for sharing this poem, I think many ppl experience this and it's an insight into online friendships....handshake cheers grin
I thought I have friends ,i had these fellow poets are my best friends except Ondos and his unkn outburst ?!
I've made new friends ...deenie and cherrieraggae are some of them.
There are those i've chatted and lost again ,this poem touches all hearts here !
Very super feelings of pain and lost .thank you so much for sharing with us ..i've talked too much .heart wings teddybear applause peace
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