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You are significant

In this universe so vast and wide
Where time is measured in light years
You are significant and have a role
For there was none like before or shall be after
Play your part well for how you function affect everyone
Do not say it is my life to live as I please
Or when I die that is the end
I care not what happens after I am gone
Why should anyone curse your memory
Or mention your name with infamy
Ask yourself suppose there is an afterlife?
Live as if one day there will be a day of reckoning
For the world you live in is a world of order
The morning will follow the night and the sun will rise tomorrow
The planets and stars will not collide and shatter
Consider whether they are the result of the Big Bang
Could it not be there is someone keeping them in order
Money, wealth and fame are criteria for greatness
Go ahead then and enjoy the acalades of men
But never forget the one that judges hearts and motives
Be not a success in your own eyes
Do not mock those that aspire for the pie in the skies
Their reward is the next life
Ever laboring here and now seeking always to do good
They are this earth’s saints and angels
Looking to their god for recompense not man
How sad if they should be right and you wrong
Consider for a moment all the factors in your life
Real possibilities toy cannot control
They are out of your hand
Remember you are designed to be like the wind
Free to be who you want to be or go where you want
A power outside the realms of human understanding
For if you will the spirit of the eternal One will empower you
He wants to make you great
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (2)

Amen to that bro! Wonderful write with HIS presence felt !
Blessed are your words ,and so will be you .peace
Thank you for you comments
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