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Lying out tanning on Pensacola beach under scorching rays
while trying to engross myself in TK101 rock my mind strays
As I lie still sweating profusely burning sand gets kicked on me
some found my eyes which negated opening them to see

Startled I quickly raise up to rid my sticky body of all the grit
I wiped my stinging eyes and managed to open them a bit
After focusing what I see starring down took my breath away
"Rendered Speechless" by this resplendent goddess on display

I then heard "I'm so so sorry" in the sexiest possible voice
"Can you ever forgive me" that was even a choice
My mind set is processing this Venus of inexplicable mystique
the brain's screaming respond but I'm too stupefied to speak

Again a "so sorry" then she turned and began walking away
she glanced back uttering with a wink "I'll see you another day"
If we cross paths again hopefully words won't be so hard to find
I know with absolution visions of she will never exit my mind

Thoughts of she when I lay back down run rampant in my head
F.Y.I... I did get to see her later that evening in my bed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Some truth along with wishful thinking
Tweaked 10/14/18

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Comments (5)

I'm hoping the wishful thinking was the first part of the story. I still remember the beauty I met at the fair back in 89, wish I would have got her number.daydream detective
mcradloff: Just to say.... I appreciate the comment
you responded with long ago!

wave yay dancing peace beer
CS...Again if I may!

tongue banana wave teddybear peace bowing bowing bowing
Great poem ..glad you shared it again lolwave applause
Happychatty1: Thank you so very much...I think laugh tongue

bouquet hug
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