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A Grim Fairytale

(Again another Song when i put music to them i shall record them and share so yas can hear them when they are brought to life)

Tell me the story was real,
And the prince he was charming,
The he rescues me, and then without warning,
We fall in love and run away,
And we live happily ever after from day to day

But then the frog didn't change and no the shoe didn't fit,
Sleeping beauty didn't wake cause the prince was a fake,
And so I look at you and think, this was all a mistake

Cause babe your a master of disguise, a master of deceit,
The big bad wolf acting oh so sweet(x2)

When this beauty met her beast,
He swept her off her feet,
But then was really disappointed,
To find out he was a cheat,
Rapunzel let her hair down for the prince to climb,
But when he saw the distance he suddenly decided, to change his mind.
And so everytime i think of you, this is what i say,

Babe your a master of disguise, a master of deceit,
The big bad wolf acting oh so sweet (X2)

I thought I found a story that was real,
and a prince that was charming,
And then one day without any warning,
He ran away i should have known from the start,
That this fairytale would end in a broken heart

Cause babe your a master of disguise, a master of deceit,
The big bad wolf acting oh so sweet.(x")
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I think its pretty self explanatory. Not everything i write is this negative but i wrote them when going through a bad break up.
Am this is about when you think you know someone and for a while everything is wonderful and then something happens and you see them for who they really are!

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Comments (3)

A sad poem but I really like the way you wrote it!teddybear
Thanks hopefully when i get it put to music it will sound good too!
I have fallen over you for the things you write and express!
It's strange why you did not get more comments ...thou it's a song I like it very much ...
You have everything a man wants ...looks ,brain and know what you want .:)
So much to say if you really want to hear...
Thank you and so long.
My charming lady .sad flower
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