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Is life real even a question???

i wonder if my life is real
Will i ever become something more
Or like most will i fail
My mind is so sore
from all the thoughts in my head
Whats gonna be for dinner tmw night
If only i had more then bread
I never give up on a fight
i get my kids ready for bed
I kiss them goodnight
an thank god they are feed
so i lay down to clear my head ............
....... the answer was always there..
the love i have for my babies
Is the only reason why i care
My life is real theres no if...but or maybes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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I think that is a question everyone asks themselves at one time or another

Many can relate to this because non of us are immune to the pressures of life and thoughts of bettermentbouquet M.M
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