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The Scammer

The Scammer
He takes the time to write out a profile that touches all aspects of longing or for sympathy.
In presenting things that women endear to hear done so engaging and deviously.
He builds himself up within a tower of lies with such shady alluring disguise,
Trying to give him the camouflage hiding his own precariousness
He practices the lines that work best to capture her captivating attentiveness.

Manhood and honor has been shattered by his actions and cast upon the page.
To ask, what dignity is acquired in these enterprises that he sets up on such a disreputable stage?
A platform for money, esteem, confidence, or does he just hunger for the sheer pleasure of deceptions to earn another fallacious wage.
Where are the answers? What happened to his morals? What gives him the right to go on such a rampage?
Of exploiting the aspects of credible men with principals and standards unlike his own, is like a slap in their face.

He is conforming to a cowardly standard of human morality and virtue to strip credible women of their faith.
The very virtuous ideal that women hold so dear, that men are created to be trustworthy with irreproachable dignity is distorted due to his race.
But times do change, and there is no dispute, as long as there are humans with abhorrent ways,
There will be those who prosper on the treacherous deceits of afflicting the human race.
Yet, in my life I have seen those who prosper on the suffering of others, retribution is clear,
For they too must live in this chaotic society that their deceitfulness created I fear.

I pity the time when their understanding of their repercussions meets them face to face.
For I still believe that Honor comes to those who are honorable.
And when you strip away the scammer’s deception he is only left with disgrace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I remember wow 12 years ago you could go on the computer and talk with real people and enjoy the time emailing and sharing good conversations... But today scammers use the computer for the negative, to make a buck by tricking people.. sad... and it changes the way people trust... I wrote this because I am saddened that our society around the world has been invaded by humans that do not care how they treat human kind... I guess I wanted to speak up.. we can ignore them or feel sorry for them... But I believe that if we dont stand up and make a statement that IT IS WRONG, which they know... and apparently dont care... I feel sorry for them, and pity them that they became so desperate that they chose this occupation...

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You are so right about what you say. I think the sheer number of people on the web lends itself to these lone jackals. Here on the web and in real life, the overpopulation of this world has made more and more devious people to take our peace. They are like cockroaches, you see one, there are a thousand more to take their place.dancing idea liar troll smoking snooty detective nerd typing listen to music hijack drinking
Awesome and enlightening.poemthankyou!!!by the coast. Your 100% right it use to be a nice and great with of communicateing w/ someone but times have changed and ppl prey on others in deceit & lies, but what you do in the dark must come out in the light!!! If it takes a day before you die, they will reap it...I do not answer pre written msg anymore and if you notice many men have widowed as there status lol barf barf thanks this poem is a great awareness of scammersapplause applause
Well written ... like you I remember a time when you talked to real people on the net ... now you have no idea and some take their time to spin their web of deceit ... a reminder to all to be careful

bouquet bouquet
Well said...
I do find most of them quite easy to spot...Most are very inarticulate.

Sadly it is a sign of the times...There will always be evil amongst us. devil
hug purple heart
Hi Susan,

I think I've written at least two poems on scammers. They are the blight of the internet. They do get easier to pick though. Cheers thumbs up wine
Yankee4youonline today!
This is wonderful....excellent...well good to see the stripped down scammer in feed to him to the sharks....the little chummyman....hahahadancing cool cool
Maybe they're not desperate; just have no morals; just lazy to break bones. A lot of us can relate to the sentiments expressed in your writing. Thanks for sharing and lovely to meet you here at CS-PChandshake bouquet
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