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All you prodigal sons

Calling all yonder
why do you wander
to places that darken the soul,
or filled with envy
of those living lives whole.
Do you listen to voices
of so called truth
abandoning loved ones
through reckless youth.
Have your life's pains
replaced sunshine with rain
seeking pain relief
with all that's wrong.
As you pillage and plunder
many will wonder
why your battle cry
is a never ending song.
Despite your views
and internal short fuse
from one man you can't hide
although you may run.
He's our heavenly father
calling all near and yonder
"please return my prodigal sons"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
For those that have lost their way.

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Amen..very nice!teddybear
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