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Sleeping the sleep of the blessed
The day's hard lobour and struggles has ended
There's no cause to worry the conscience is free
Still the subconscious is active and alert
Tomorrow it happens start all over again
Suddenly awakening in a panic
Peering outside everywhere is clear and bright
Promising oneself once again to buy an alarm clock
Even if it cost a fortune and it's the last thing you do
rush rush rush
For you dare not miss the bus and it comes at 5:00 am
Just now there's so much to get done
The husband, the children, the animals "Oh LORD please help"
Finally you are at the bus stop and can catch your breath
But wait something is not just right
Something is missing
The roosters are crowing as usual
This indicates daylight is near
The usual early morning scenes and activities
They are not there
Look up to the sky the moon is ever so bright
A familiar watchman passes and ask "why are you so early"
It's only 3:00am
Oops!!! fooled once again by the moon's light
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
recalling one of the stories I was told of being fooled by the moon light

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lovely moon lit silvered
neat. cheering
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