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Country Man Life

Wake up early this morning to make breakfast
The strength it give all day have to last
Cook up some ackee and salt fish
This they say is the national dish
Roast some breadfruit to go with cooked green bananas
Unsure in his mind whether to drink hot coffee or chocolate
Either one, both are grown in his backyard
He has no need t buy in the market

No time to make a fancy lunch
Still he need something on which to munch
Throw a piece of yellow yam in the fire
And as much green corn as he desire
Wash these down with some coconut water
This will have to keep him until later
Working all day in the broiling sun
This road to prosperity is no fun

But when dinner time comes
Now he can relax and sit down
Rice is far too light and for a working man not right
What is needed is some heavy food to last through the night
Yam and dumpling have to be in the pot
These have to be eaten while they are still hot
Plus he never forget to have a supply of salt meat
For he must balance his diet

The working is ended but it is still too early for bed
Time for friends and dominoes and the good old white rum
Remembering it's mid week so avoid falling off the rum tree
Whenever he lies down he want to sleep the sleep of the dead
Hoping not to have another nightmare
Or any bad dream that cause him to awake with fear
Every tell him that he should get a wife
Sometimes it 's hard to give up the good life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (2)

love country life
near to natural-ness
the end is superb !
thank you love your comments
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